Updated: Nov 26, 2019


As we are such pwofessionals we have finally got a wound to witing our vewy first blog! So a warm welcome to all you little wascals. We will twy to keep you all upto date with what we are doing, where we are going, where we have been & all things in between. We hope you enjoy weading it!

A Gweat Big Thankyou To You All!

Can you believe Wocket Woy & The Pwoducer were born (not litewally )nearly 5years ago? We definitely can't. But it is thanks to you all for following, liking, shawing & commenting that has made it what it is. You keep us going thwough thick & thin. Fwom messing awound with a camewa phone whilst widing out and fweezing our b***s off to appearing at the likes of HOYS & The Liverpool Horse Show as well as all the smaller events along the way and even having our own 'Wocket Woy Woad Show' . It is quite suwweal when we stop & think about it all. But without the fans none of it would be possible. We have no plans to stop anytime soon & have bigger & better plans coming your way. So please keep following, liking, shawing & commenting so we can keep bwinging the world of Wocket Woy to you. We are loving evewy minute of the journey and hope you are to. So sit back, welax & enjoy the wide!



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